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"My 1999 Ford Ranger has 114,000 miles on it and never had a tune-up. I knew it was time and was worried my sparkplugs would die momentarily (I had never had them replaced). I took my truck in for the tune-up and to have the brakes checked. Jose did a fabulous job and explained everything that he found to work on BEFORE he did it and charged me for it. The price for the tune-up and new front brakes was incredibly reasonable. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Jose!!"

Reviewer #1

"These guys really saved me and my wife. We were having serious truck problems while I was visiting my parents in San Diego from out of state. My wife and I needed to get back to our jobs a few days later, and the mechanics stayed late on New Years eve to get my Ford 1992 F-150 fixed. (It had a cracked head (needing to be replaced), and a valve job (three of the valves were shot, so this was no quick job.) I really appreciate these guys doing this work on such short notice. The truck has run better than it had in years. "

Reviewer #2

"Jose accommodated my need to get a repair done without an appointment on the same day so I could leave town and get back home. He diagnosed the problem (leaking water pump), gave me an estimate, got the parts, and fixed the problem within 4 hours. Recommended changing the thermostat while they had it apart. I also asked him to change the oil while he had it in the shop, and he did so without charging labor for that. I feel that I got a very good price and very good service. By the way, I used the Mechanics Files to find Poway Auto in the first place and went to them first based on the other reviews there. I am now recommending that my son use them for regular service rather than the Toyota shop across the street."

Reviewer #3